Zeus Precision Data Charts & Reference Tables - Metric Revision

Product code: ZPDC-001
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Zeus Precision Data Charts and Reference Tables - Metric Revision.

The most popular and comprehensive engineers reference book available. A staple piece of kit for any engineer.

Pocket sized data charts and tables for the tool room, workshop, drawing office.

This publication is produced by Zeus Precision Charts Ltd, who are members of the British Standards Institution.

Heavy duty laminated pages contain the following data:

  • Standard Drill Sizes and Decimal Equivalents
  • ISO Metric Fine Threads in mm; ISO Metric Coarse Threads in mm
  • BA Standard Tapping Drills; BSF Threads (55°) and Tapping Drills
  • Whitworth Threads (55°) and Tapping Drills; British Standard Pipe Threads and Tapping Drills
  • Unified Screw Threads - below 1\4" for Attachment Purposes
  • ANC Threads (60°) and Tapping Drills; ANF Threads (60°) and Tapping Drills
  • UNF Fine Thread Series - Unified Screw Threads (Basic Sizes) and Tapping Drills
  • UNC Coarse Thread Series - Unified Screw Threads (Basic Sizes) and Tapping Drills
  • ISO Limits and Fits - Preferred Fits for Holes and Shafts, Transition & Interference Fits
  • Hardness Comparison Table - Brinell\Vickers\Rockwell C & B
  • Co-ordinates for Locating Equally Spaced Holes in Jig Boring
  • Allowances for Sheet Metal Bending; Morse Taper Sleeves
  • Table of Natural Sines; Table of Natural Tangents
  • Letter Addresses used in Numerical Control; Numerical Control - G Code Addresses
  • Standard Miscellaneous Function Words from USA-EIA Standard
  • Commonly Accepted Symbols and Abbreviations used on Engineering Drawings
  • Trigonometry Solutions for All Types of Triangles
  • Conversion Factors - Length, Weight, Area, Capacity, Velocity and Light

Technical specifications

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Product Code ZPDC-001
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